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``Sometimes I do things that are not really the right way because I´m daring, in a way.`` Agnes Varda

Visual translation of inspiring stories is my true passion. I love composing touching moments while painting with light. Within the filmmaking process, I thrive on the exhilarating moments of excitement, as well as the delicate balance of sensitivity and concentration the process requires. My strength lies in my precision throughout the creative journey, enabling me to adapt and improvise while staying true to the project's vision. I see importance in a collaboration with an exceptional crew. Teamwork is the cornerstone of my craft, as it fuels my passion and brings out the best visions. I always seek out the most challenging, yet captivating and joyful paths, as I believe they lead to extraordinary results. I dare to dream and I am committed to growing every single day.

Born to a French family in Israel, I cultivated my skills in the local industry before moving to Europe. I started as a film student at ´´Thelma Yellin school of art``, later served as the first female chief cinematographer for the IDF, and In 2019, I joined the prestigious cinematography program at DFFB in Berlin. My experience spans working with analog film formats (16mm, 35mm), as well as mastering the intricacies of digital processes. Additionally, I have honed my skills shooting underwater. With fluency in English, Hebrew, French, and German, I am excited to collaborate in any language and location, with an open heart for new adventures.


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