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Coming from the world of narrative filmmaking she finds excitement working on music videos and commercials. Passionate about translation of stories into a unique visual language, her strength lies in her precision. Ables to react and improvise while staying true to the desired vision. She is daring to dream and will always choose the unique, exciting and challenging  path. Her work was screened in festivals all over the world. Recently she shot Ed Sheeran´s music video, Page.

Born to a French family in Haifa, she cultivated her skills in the local film industry before moving to Europe, where she joined the cinematography program at DFFB in Berlin. Experience working with analog film (16mm, 35mm), as well as the intricacies of digital processes. She has honed her skills shooting underwater. With fluency in English, Hebrew, French, and German, she is excited to collaborate in any language and location, open for new challenges and creative adventures. 


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